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Whiskers Kitty Kat Shop

Photo Credit - Linda Ritcey


We are a registered charity committed to providing supportive care while promoting humane treatment to abandoned, homeless dogs and cats in our community.

We are 100% volunteer-based.

We are dedicated to educating the public regarding the proper care and treatment of dogs and cats. We are committed to spay/neuter education in an effort to eliminate the problem of unwanted, abandoned companion animals in our community.

We are responsible for spaying/neutering and re-homing many abandoned animals each month.

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IMPORTANT: If interested in adopting from Whiskers, please complete an application form from this website.

From the Adoption tab, choose either "Cats Available" or "Adoption Process".  
             Once submitted, you will be contacted to arrange an adoption by appointment ASAP.

WHISKERS is currently open to the public by appointment only





 Please ensure your Christmas decorations are safe for your pets most products with fake snow are poisonous. We know some of you guys are eager to get in the Christmas spirit so we wanted to ensure you keep your pets safe.

Fake snow Christmas tree can be really dangerous if your pet ingests any.
Although cats climbing trees is one of the most common accidents we see around this time of year, this isn’t the only way trees can do damage!

It's not just the fake snow that is dangerous. The oils in fir trees can be mildly toxic, which will cause an upset tummy if swallowed. The needles from trees can get stuck in your pet's mouth, throat, and paws

To avoid issues hoover or sweep regularly and don't leave your pet alone with the tree.
You can also look out for Nordmann Fir trees which are known as the ‘no needle drop’ trees and are a safer alternative. Don't have fake snow trees around pets



Please contact us if seen. Do not approach...
Bonnie is timid and very scared.


Hunter is believed to still be out there.  *REWARD* if found and returned safely. 

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