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Volunteer Opportunities

Our non-profit organization relies on the kindness of cat-loving volunteers to assist with the day-to-day tasks around the Whiskers store.

These tasks include the following:


  • Administer medication to certain cats; pick up, empty water/food bowls, and set out fresh ones. 

  • Clean cages; vacuum/wash floors.

  • Empty dirty litter boxes; wash/refill them.

  • Dry and put away dishes if dishwater has run its cycle.   



  • Prepare the Wet Food Party for the cats: stew-like pate is prepared for most cats while some bowls are prepared individually according to their special needs.

  • After some time, empty bowls are picked up, rinsed, washed, dried and put away.


  • Walk Around Safety Check including windows, doors, garbage, cats securely in cages if need be, alarm...

Socialization is a very important part

of caring for kittens, and cats we rescue while volunteering at Whiskers:

 giving time, and showing love and care for them are encouraged 
while you are at the store. 

If you wish to help us, please fill in the application form:

we'll get back to you soon.

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