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Charlie's Fight -
Story of Hope

At the end of March 2023, little Charlie, a kitten at Whiskers who was extremely ill with FIP (an "incurable" deadly disease) was scheduled for euthanasia as his caretakers could not allow him to suffer a terrible slow death (lungs/chest slowly filling with fluid) nor risk what seemed like torture, a black market injectable medicine. While sad, it was the best choice we could make for him. 

The night before the euthanasia was to take place, a volunteer frantically searched for alternatives to the black market drugs and "by luck or divine intervention" came upon a Facebook page that would change everything!

The page - FIP Support, is run by Kim, a tireless advocate of safe and humane FIP treatment options. Kim was excited to hear that we were located in Sudbury but more specifically, in Ontario; that is because in Ontario, a little-known pilot study is currently being undertaken to determine the effectiveness of a drug,  traditionally only available through the black market - GS, a drug created during the COVID-19 pandemic to treat COVID.

Kim connected the volunteer with what can only be as described as an amazing dedicated and determined team working out of South Tower Animal Hospital in Fergus, Ontario.


Dr. Jeff Aramini and his team responded immediately and a few days later, thanks to the support of Dr. Suitor from Martindale AH, Charlie became an outpatient of South Tower.

This full study is hopefully but a first step in the fight to get FIP treatment recognized and made available to those desperately seeking to save their kitten or cat... a cure. 

if you're in Ontario, there is no need for black-market drugs (pills or extremely painful injections ).

For information on the Ontario FIP Study, and to read all the success stories, please join:

FIP Nation Ontario Canada

There is hope. Charlie has completed his 84-day "little white pill" treatment and is here today, just one of the many success cases, in the observation stage and now ready to find a home. See, Charlie, the sweetest little guy ever, is destined for an amazing home that we hope for him someday.  He is a fighter!

THANK YOU to Dr. Jeff, the amazing team at South Tower AH, and all those behind the scenes who fought for this and continue to fight to make this life-saving treatment available to all!

- From a very sick kitten 

  to the sweetest...

  and healthy kitten, Charlie

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