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Costs of Animal Rescues

We currently charge an adoption fee of $ 250 for a juvenile cat (kitten) and $ 175 for an adult.

Presently, a rescued cat that comes into our care costs our non-profit charity, on average, a minimum of $350.  This average expenditure of $350 per cat includes the costs of: 

  • TWO vaccinations;

  • deworming (as many times as needed);

  • deflea-ing;

  • spay/neuter;

  • microchipping. 


The cost does NOT INCLUDE rent for the Adoption Centre,  the cost of cat litter, laundry, food or additional vet appointments/medication, or specialty food that many cats/kittens require when they are temporarily or permanently ill.


We rely heavily on donations and fundraising activities in order to pay the bills and keep operating month after month. Our charity is run by volunteers; nobody gets a paycheck. This means that anybody making a donation can be confident that 100% of their donation will go directly to the costs of animal rescue.

Without these generous donations, we would not be able to continue our work.

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Free Kittens!?!? 

We see, all too often, the results of pet abandonment.

Kittens are never "free" if they are to be cared for properly, as they deserve. 

Please educate! 

Spay/neuter to help control cat overpopulation!

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