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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What food should I feed my cat and where do I purchase it?


We feed our cats a high-quality dry food and provide wet food daily. It is extremely important to feed your kitten/cat good quality cat food. Dry cat food purchased at the grocery store (with very few exceptions) is calorie-dense; the health equivalent of pop and chips and is considered below average in quality (ingredients and nutrition). Cats need food that provides them with a well-balanced diet with the essential nutrients they need to help them live a healthy life.  Cats should also be fed wet food every day. Cats on dry food diets usually don’t get enough water. They can become chronically dehydrated which contributes to health problems like Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and urinary crystals. 



2.  What human food should I avoid feeding my cat?


The ASPCA outlines the following list of foods that you should avoid feeding your cat:

  • Milk - by the time cats are adults, they become lactose intolerant

  • Caffeine & Chocolate

  • Alcohol

  • Nuts & Raisins

  • Raw/Undercooked meat, raw eggs, bones, ham

  • Onions, garlic

  • Salt


3.  How can I come up with an original name for my cat?

Naming your cat is an important decision since both you, and your cat, will be living with the decision for years and years to come - but it's also a lot of fun! You are more than welcome to keep the name your cat was given at the Whiskers Shop, however, you are also free to choose a new, permanent name! 
Some additional names that are becoming more popular include: Katniss (from "The Hunger Games" trilogy), Hermione (from the Harry Potter series), Loki and Thor (from "The Avengers"), Purrfect (Ceelo Green's cat from "The Voice"), and Honey (from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo").

Visit the following website for more suggestions:​ Cuteness Cat Names


4.  I'm pregnant. Do I need to get rid of my cat?


You most definitely should NOT get rid of your cat while you're pregnant. You can have a happy, healthy pregnancy, while the cat remains in your care.

Click on the following article for some great information on this topic: 

Pregnant Women: Don't Get Rid of Your Cats!

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